Acupuncture Clinical Trial for Breast Cancer Patients


Life-saving cancer treatment often comes at a cost: side effects that can cause discomfort, pain and a reduced quality of life.

Physicians at Saint Mary's Health Care are seeking ways to relieve pain and discomfort for those undergoing treatment by studying the effects of 12 weeks of acupuncture on joint pain related to aromotase inhibitors (AI) for early stage breast cancer treatment for women.

Using a waitlist control group and a "sham acupuncture" control group, as participants do not know whether or not they are receiving true acupuncture, this study is led onsite by Craig Houchen, OMD, NCCAOM, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist and Gil Padula, MD, radiation oncologist at The Lacks Cancer Center at Saint Mary's and Grand Rapids Clinical Oncology Program (GRCOP) Principal Investigator.

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